JAIIB LRAB Unit 63 - Transfer Of Property Act, 1882

JAIIB LRAB Unit 63 - Transfer Of Property Act, 1882 (Year: 2019)

Mortgage is a transfer of an interest in specific immoveable property as a security for the repayment of a monetary liability.


The transferor is called Mortgagor. The transferee is called a Mortgagee


Types Of Mortgage


Simple Mortgage

does not deliver possession of the mortgaged property

 mortgagor himself personally to pay the mortgage money

in the event of his failing to pay, the mortgagee shall have right to get the

mortgaged property sold and recover his dues

Mortgage By Conditional Sale

The mortgagor apparently sells the mortgaged property to the mortgagee with the condition that on default of payment on a certain date the sale becomes absolute, the sale shall becomes void, the buyer(mortgagee) shall transfer the property to seller(mortgagor)

Usufructuary Mortgage

Gives possession

 To retain such possession until payment of mortgage-money

 To receive rents and profits arising from the property

 Appropriate the same towards payment of interest or mortgage-money or both

English Mortgage

The Mortgagor binds himself to repay the mortgage-money on a certain date and transfers the mortgaged property absolutely to the mortgagee


Subject to the condition that he will re-transfer it to the mortgagor upon payment of the mortgage-money


The power of sale without intervention of Court if money not paid

Mortgage by

Deposit of Title


The Mortgagor delivers documents of title


With intent to create a security thereon


The delivery of documents of title is done in a town specified by state govt.


A mortgage other than a mortgage by deposit title deeds can be effected only in terms of a mortgage deed duly signed by the mortgagor and attested by at least two witnesses.


The essentials of valid Equitable Mortgage is debt, deposit of title deeds and intention as security.


Leases of Immoveable Property

A lease is a transfer of a right to enjoy the property for a certain time on in perpetuity (that is forever), in consideration of a price paid or promised, to be given periodically to the transferor by the transferee.


A lease for Agriculture/manufacturing purpose is deemed to be a year to year lease. This lease can be terminated by the lessor/lessee by giving 6 months notice to one another.


A lease for any other purpose is deemed to be a lease from month to month. It can be terminated by giving 15 days notice to one another.

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