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JAIIB Model Exam Papers 2024

Take online JAIIB model exam practice tests with answers. We keep updating our collection of free practice model exams and mock tests for JAIIB. You can practice online mock questions with solution, review your scorecard, review test paper and retake JAIIB mock tests as many times you wish.

JAIIB Study Material 2024

JAIIB PaperJAIIB Study Material
1PPBStudy Material
2AFBStudy Material
3LRABStudy Material

JAIIB Syllabus 2024

JAIIB PaperJAIIB Syllabus

JAIIB Examination Fee

# AttemptsFee
1st Attempt Rs. 2400/-
2nd Attempt Rs. 1000/-
3rd Attempt Rs. 1000/-
4th Attempt Rs. 1000/-
  • Extra Charges: GST as applicable.
  • Mode of Payment: Credit/Debit card, Net banking.

How many attempts are allowed?

You can apply for unlimited number of times. You don't need to re-attempt the paper in which you pass. The passed subject gets carried forward to 4 continuous attempts. If you are not able to pass even in 4 continuous attempts, then you will have to re-attempt all the 3 papers.

JAIIB Passing Criteria

What is the passing marks for JAIIB exam?

Minimum 150 marks out of total 300 Marks. A candidate is also required to score atleast 45 marks in all the three papers of JAIIB exam.

JAIIB PaperFull MarksPassing Marks
1 PPB 100 Marks 45 Marks
2 AFB 100 Marks 45 Marks
3 LRAB 100 Marks 45 Marks
Note: In order to pass the JAIIB examination, the sum of combined scores of all the three papers (PPB + AFB + LRAB) should be minimum 150 marks.

JAIIB Marking Scheme

  • 1st class: Minimum 180 marks out of 300 marks.
  • 1st class with distinction: Minimum 210 marks out of 300 marks.
  • Pass Only: Candidates who have been granted exemption in the paper/s.
JAIIB Scoring
1st Class 60 % Marks (180 Marks)
1st Class with distinction 70 % Marks (210 Marks)

JAIIB Application Form / Admit Card - Registration Process to Apply Online

In order to register for the upcoming JAIIB exam, follow the step-by-step procedure given below:

  • Apply online at IIBF's official website: www.iibf.org.in.
  • Form submission: Fill up the details asked in the application form.
  • Pay the application fees.
  • On successful registration, the admit card will be sent to your registered e-mail Id.
  • Note: You will get the exam admit card, 10 days before the start of the JAIIB examination.

JAIIB Exam - General Information

Who can appear for JAIIB exam?
Only existing employees of banks.
Can people other than employees of banks appear for JAIIB exam?
No they can't. However non-banking employees can appear for Diploma in Banking and Finance Exam (DBF).
What is the syllabus and exam pattern of DBF?
Mostly same as that of the syllabus and exam pattern of the JAIIB exam.
What is the mode of JAIIB exam?
It is conducted in on-line mode only.
What is the test duration of the JAIIB exam?
2 hours.

JAIIB Examination Pattern

How many questions are asked in the JAIIB exam papers?
The number of questions asked in the exam is not fixed and may vary. Generally, all the three papers of JAIIB exam contains approximately 120 questions carying 100 marks each.
What types of questions are asked in the JAIIB exam?
Questions may be of two types: (1) Objective question MCQs and (2) Questions based on case studies.
Is there any negative marking for wrong answers in the JAIIB exam?
No negative marking.
JAIIB Exam Pattern
JAIIB Exam Papers
  1. PPB
  2. AFB
  3. LRAB
Total QuestionsApproximately 120 objective questions in each paper.
Types of Questions
  • Objective Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
  • Case study based questions.
Passing Marks per Paper45 Marks out of 100 Marks
Total Passing Marks150 Marks out of 300 Marks
Negative MarkingNone

JAIIB Certification Exam

What is JAIIB Certification?

JAIIB is a flagship Course of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF), a prestigious institute in the field of banking and finance. JAIIB aims at providing basic knowledge in banking and financial systems necessary for general bank management: basic accountancy, banking acts, banking technology, latest circular, customer relations, and legal aspects necessary for carrying out day to day banking operations.

What is the fullform of JAIIB?

JAIIB is an acronym for "Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers".

What are the benefits of achieving JAIIB certification?

JAIIB certification plays an important role in improving the performance and productivity of the employees of bank or financial institutions.

If you are looking for career development, the certification will:

  • Earn you a promotion or an increased salary.
  • Help you stay ahead of the competition.
  • Have a positive affect on your interviewer.
  • Enhance your banking and financial knowledge.

Who can appear in JAIIB Examination?

JAIIB is an associate exam conducted by IIBF, mainly targeted for the working staffs of banking/financial institutions to acquire basic knowledge necessary for general bank management. JAIIB is a junior level certification and is very helpful in adding value to the professional career of the employee. JAIIB gives basic knowledge of important banking/financial concepts which can be applied by the professionals to provide services to their clients/customers with better decision making.

What is the purpose of JAIIB certification?

JAIIB is one of the most reputed professional certification courses in the field of banking and finance industry, created by the renowned faculty at the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF). A professional having JAIIB certification is deemed highly qualified and is considered to have expertise or knowledge of the various aspects of banking and finance in accordance with the Indian banking system.

JAIIB Examination Pattern

How many papers are there in the JAIIB exam?

S.No Name of the Paper
1 PPB Principles and practices of banking
2 AFB Accounting and Finance for bankers
3 LRAB Legal and regulatory aspects of banking

What types of questions are asked in the JAIIB exam?

Paper Number Paper Name Type of Questions
1st Paper PPB Mostly Theoretical questions
2nd Paper AFB Mostly Numerical questions
3rd Paper LRAB Mostly Theoretical questions

JAIIB Exam Preparation FAQs

What is the level of JAIIB exam?
The level of JAIIB exam is not that difficult and passing it is fairly easy. Success in JAIIB is achievable with little effort.
What is the date of JAIIB exam?
This year, the JAIIB exam will be held in the month of May and November. You will have to attempt the three papers (PPB/AFB/LRAB), which will be held on consecutive Sundays. You can notice that there is a gap of 1 week between two papers.
How much time is needed to prepare for the JAIIB exam?
A serious study of 3 months is more than enough. However, some candidates with non-commerce educational background, will require more time for the preparation of JAIIB exam. It is because of the second paper (Accounting and Finance for bankers).
How should I study for JAIIB preparation?
You should focus on understanding the basic concepts. Don't try to mug up everything. Rote learning is only going to worsen your exam preparation. So try memorizing only the important points.
What study material do I need to pass JAIIB exam?
IIBF recommends to study books published by the Macmillan publication or Taxmann Publication. If you carefully read the recommended JAIIB books, then you can easily pass JAIIB exam.

JAIIB Preparation Tips: Strategy to Crack the Exam

During the JAIIB Preparation Stage

  • Create and follow a proper study plan.
  • Study the official books (Macmillan Publishers) recommended by IIBF.
  • Remember important topics and memorize important points if necessary.
  • Practice chapter-wise questions given at the end of the chapters.
  • Take as many JAIIB mock tests as possible.

On the Day of JAIIB Examination

  • Read the given instruction carefully.
  • Attempt easy questions first.
  • Do not spend too much time in answering tough questions.
  • Do not leave any questions unattempted because there is no negative marking in JAIIB exam.

JAIIB Results / Consolidated Marksheet

  • Visit the IIBF-JAIIB result page: http://www.iibf.org.in/ResultsList.asp.
  • Select the link which mentions - "Result - JAIIB/DBF May/November 2024 Examination.
  • Now you will see a new page with title - "JAIIB/DBF Result".
  • Now click on exam dropdown menu and select your exam which is JAIIB.
  • Then type your Registration/Membership No.
  • Now, enter your password.
  • Upon successful login, you will be able to see your JAIIB result.

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