JAIIB LRAB Unit 44 - Contracts of Pledge

JAIIB LRAB Unit 44 - Contracts of Pledge (Year: 2019)

The bailment of goods as security for payment of a debt or performance of a promise is called 'pledge'. The bailor is in this case called 'pawnor'. The bailee is called 'pawnee'.




(a) If the pawnor makes default in payment of the debt in respect of which the goods were pledged, the pawnee may bring a suit against the pawnor and retain the goods pledged as a security (or) he may sell the goods pledged, after giving notice of the sale to the pawnor.


(b) If the proceeds of such sale are less than the amount due, in respect of the debt, the pawnor is still liable to pay the balance. If the proceeds of the sale are greater than the amount so due,

the pawnee shall pay over the surplus to the pawnor.

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