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In case of Strategic Alliances,
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Three mid-sized public sector banks have entered into a 'strategic alliance' in October 2006. They are:
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Combining of two or more companies into a single company where one survives with its name and the others lose their corporate existence is called:
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In 1921, the three presidency banks - the Bank of Bengal, the Bank of Bombay and the Bank of Madras were amalgamated into one Bank which is now called the:
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CIBIL as a credit bureau caters to:
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The Consumer Credit Bureau covers credit availed by:
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Credit information reports can be accessed by:
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In case of receipt of request for transfer of borrowal account, the consent or objection of the lender, if any, should be conveyed within ________ days from the date of receipt of request.
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The Banking Codes and Standards Board of India was registered on 18 February, 2006 under:
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The 'Bankers' Fair Practice' code was brought out in June 2004 by:

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