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A Fund of Funds is a scheme that invests primarily:
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The aim of balanced funds is to provide:
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As per SEBI guidelines, any entity/person engaged in the marketing and selling of mutual fund products is required to pass a certification test and obtain a registration number from:
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The first insurance company was started in India in 1818 at:
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The entry level capital requirement for a new Insurance Company in India is:
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The primary legislation that deals with insurance business in India is:
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Bancassurance is the selling of life assurance and other insurance products and services by banking institutions.
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Factoring service means:
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The type of arrangement under which a bank pays the seller the value of the bill and later collects it from the buyer on the due date is called:
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The type of factoring under which the factor collects back from the seller the amount paid by him in case of non-payment of the bills on the due date is called:

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