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Under the __________ capital method, two accounts are maintained for each partner, viz., current account and capital account.
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Under the _________ capital method, all the transactions are recorded in the capital account only.
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Retirement of a partner means that a partner breaks off his relations with all other partners and withdraws himself from the firm.
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Admission of a partner means joining of a new person into an existing partnership as a partner.
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Goodwill arises when a company acquires another entire business.
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If the partnership deed does not mention any method of maintaining capital accounts then the fixed capital account method has to be followed.
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If the partnership firm is following the fixed capital account method salary payable to a partner is credited to the partners' current account.
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While calculating average profit of previous years, loss incurred in one of those years is to be ignored.
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Adjustment for goodwill can be made privately by the partners without passing any entries in books of account.
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Calculate Gross profit margin if

  • Gross profit = 2500
  • Turnover = 5000

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