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Capital redemption reserve can be utilised for payment of dividend.
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The form of balance sheet and profit and loss account of a banking company is prescribed in Forms A and B of _________ schedule of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.
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The various items of assets in the balance sheet are arranged according to liquidity order.
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Slip System of posting is peculiar of banking company accounts.
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Partnership is a separate legal entity.
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There should be at least two persons to form a partnership.
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In partnership, profits of the partnership have to be shared by all, though loss may be borne by only one or few partners only.
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According to the Indian Partnership Act, there is no maximum limit of partners in the partnership.
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If the partnership deed is silent on certain points, then in such a case, the relevant provisions of the Partnership Act will apply.
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Find Retained profit if

  • Profit attributable to shareholders = 900
  • Dividend = 200

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