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Making any false statement in a return or other document submitted under the provisions of the BR Act is punishable with imprisonment and fine also.
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The Reserve Bank may prepare a scheme for reconstruction or amalgamation of a banking company under moratorium under Section 45 of the BR Act.
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On winding up of a banking company, all the depositors as a class get the first preference for payment.
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The Reserve Bank or State Bank or another person as specified by the Reserve Bank in its application before the High Court may be appointed as liquidator of a banking company.
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On the application of Reserve Bank, the High Court may stay the commencement or continuance of proceedings against any banking company for any period.
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The undertaking of an acquired bank may vest in the Central Government or in any company or corporation as directed by the Central Government.
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The State Bank of India is a __________ constituted under the State Bank of India Act.
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State Bank has to act as __________ and carry out Central Government business and other business entrusted by the Reserve Bank.
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The majority of shares of subsidiary banks are held by
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Regional rural banks operate in

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