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The Board for Financial Supervision is set up under the regulations framed by the Reserve Bank under Section 58 of the Banking Regulation Act.
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The Central Government is not empowered to order Reserve Bank for inspection of a banking company.
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Central Government has to give notice to the banking company before publishing its inspection report or any part of it.
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The undertaking of a banking company may be acquired by the Central Government if it is satisfied on a report from the Reserve Bank that the banking company has failed on more than one occasion to comply with the
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The Central Government may make a __________ after consultation with the Reserve Bank 63 for carrying out the purposes of part IIC of the BR Act, in relation to an acquired bank.
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__________ may apply to the High Court for winding up of a banking company under Section 38 of the BR Act.
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The High Court shall order winding up of a banking company if the banking company is unable to
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In a winding up proceeding the depositors shall __________ for the amounts shown in the books of the bank standing to their credit.
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The __________ may apply to the Central Government for an order of moratorium in respect of a banking company.
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The provisions of a scheme of amalgamation sanctioned by the Central Government under Section 45 of the BR Act will __________ the provisions of other laws.

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