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The balance sheet and profit and loss account shall be audited by a person duly qualified to be
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Three copies of the balance sheet and accounts along with the auditor's report of a banking company sent to the Reserve Bank under Section 31 of the BR Act, have also to be sent to
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Reserve Bank is empowered to conduct ________ of a banking company under Section 35(1) of the BR Act.
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A copy of the inspection report, relating to a banking company, __________ to that banking company.
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The board for Financial Supervision is constituted by
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Under Section 35(4) of the BR Act, Central Government can prohibit a banking company __________ from accepting fresh deposits if the business of the banking company is conducted.
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Foreign banks have to prepare accounts and balance sheet in respect of all business transacted by them in India.
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Reserve Bank requires the permission of the Central Government for ordering special audit of a banking company.
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Three copies of the balance sheet, profit and loss account, and auditor's report of a banking company have to be submitted to the Reserve Bank as return.
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A copy of scrutiny report has to be given to the banking company whether requested by it or not.

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