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Which Act prohibits lending at exorbitant rates and empowers reopening of such contracts.
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Reserve Bank can issue directions on loans and advances under Section 21 of the Banking Regulation Act.
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Regulation of credit to different sectors of the economy is known as selective credit control.
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Banks are free to lend to their directors.
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Banks have to file a return to Reserve Bank regarding unclaimed deposits under Section 26 of the BR Act.
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Directions may be issued under RBI Act to banks in respect of loans and advances in the interest of depositors.
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The directions issued by Reserve Bank under Section 35 A of the BR Act may be either generally to banks or to a particular bank.
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The amount transferable to the reserve fund by the banks incorporated in India is ________ of the profit for each year.
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Every banking company has to maintain certain amount of assets under Section 25 of the Banking Regulation Act as at the last _________ of every fortnight.
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The penalty which is payable by a banking company which is a scheduled bank for failure to maintain the cash reserve in any week for the first time is __________ percent over the bank rate.

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