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The post of chairman of a banking company may be on part-time basis.
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The chairman of a banking company can hold office only for a maximum period of ________ years.
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From the order removing chairman of a banking company, appeal lies to the Central Government within ________ days of the order.
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Reserve Bank has the power to remove any officer or other staff of a banking company under Section 36M of the BR Act.'
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The concept of 'fit and proper' criteria for directors is not applicable to public sector banks.
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Reserve Bank may issue directions to banking companies under Section 21 of BR Act on
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________ may regulate acceptance of deposits including rate of interest on deposits by banking companies under Section 35A of the BR Act.
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The banking ombudsman can settle a dispute between
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Directions can be issued to banking companies on loans and advances in
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The purpose of __________ is to make credit available to essential sectors of the economy according to national priorities.

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