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A banking company cannot hold shares in any other company other than a subsidiary.
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A director of a banking company should not have ________ in any other company.
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At least ______ percent of the directors should have the qualifications prescribed under Section 10A(2) of the BR Act.
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When the board of a banking company is ordered to be reconstituted under Section 10A of the BR Act, directors will be removed ________ for the purpose of reconstitution.
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Before removing the chairman of a bank from office, Reserve Bank has to
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The provisions of Section 36AA of the BR Act regarding removal of managerial personnel have __________ over other laws.
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Reserve Bank is authorised to appoint __________ under Section 36AB of the BR Act.
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The ________ has stipulated the 'fit and proper' criteria for directors of banking companies.
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The maximum period of office that may be held continuously by an ordinary director in a banking company is ______ years.
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The decisions of the board of directors, during the period when the board's constitution is defective shall be void.

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