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Shifting of a bank's branch in the same ______ does not require Reserve Bank's permission arising out under Section 23.
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Under Section 11 of the BR Act to deposit of their business in India with the Reserve Bank, __________ percent of profit for each year.
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Banks may float subsidiaries for carrying on the business specified in
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shareholder of a banking company can exercise voting rights up to ______ percent of the total voting rights of all shareholders.
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Banking companies are not permitted to give dividend until all ________ are written off.
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A temporary branch for less than thirty days in a town where a bank has an existing branch does not require permission from Reserve Bank.
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A company whose banking licence is rejected can undertake business as a moneylender or undertake other business.
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The decision of Reserve Bank to revoke licence is final and no appeal lies from it.
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Banking companies are permitted to give brokerage up to two-and-half per cent of the paid-up value of shares.
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No person can hold the shares of banks beyond ceiling specified under the BR Act.

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