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In the call/notice money market the following participants are allowed to trade:
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Scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) and primary dealers (PDs) have been allowed with effect from November 2006, to cover their short positions within an extended period of:
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Resident individuals are free to remit in a financial year for any current or capital account transaction or a combination of both up to:
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Principle functions of banks are:
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When a bank lends money to the corporate person the relationship is:
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Bailor-bailee relationship is applicable in:
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In deposit accounts, the main relationship between bank and customer is:
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What relationship is created when the bank collects a cheque in clearing?
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When any FDR is lost by a customer of a bank, what document is executed:
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A credit voucher for Rs. 5000/- favouring Tarun was wrongly posted to Varun by the bank, the relationship established with Varun is of:

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